On a mission to banish the muffin tops, thunder thighs and jello arms of new moms worldwide.

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This site covers everything a new mom needs to know beyond traditional training and nutrition. I’m Kate Horney and, while this is my (other) baby, it’s not a solo effort.

It’s the a network of 1,000′s of new moms worldwide.

Being a mom is an amazing job but it’s difficult. You’re on your own and, even in the fitness industry, proper guidance in what it really takes to be successful is few and far between when it comes to fat loss for moms.

How BeyondFit Physiques will help you banish your muffin tops, thunder thighs and jello arms so you can look good and feel great as a new mom…

I am here to work with you to ensure you reach your fat loss goals and can be easily reached here in the online forums.

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Just $19.97 for a complete months worth of workouts, a monthly schedule with what to do EVERY SINGLE DAY and exclusive recipes, tips, tricks and more. As a BeyondFit Life member you will then be charged $19.97 per month with the option to cancel at any time.
√  Learn how to balance your metabolic hormones for optimal fat loss
√ Find the secret to getting more energy
√  Crack the code to banishing muffin tops
√ Get proven ways to end hunger & cravings
√ Find the motivation, accountability and support you need to get back on track
√  Manage your time so that you can be efficient and get results quick.
√  Figure out your unique fat burning formula
√  Get quick & easy family friendly recipes
√  Figure out the easy way to make fat loss a lifestyle
√ Figure out why you’re still not losing that “pooch” 
√  And lots more…

Advice on hour+ workouts at the gym or meals that are nothing more than asparagus & chicken breast are everywhere online. That’s why I decided to let other trainers cover those topics and stick to what really makes a new mom successful in REAL LIFE on this site.

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